Friday, 12 December 2014

ChristMass Murder Filming

Today was the day of filming. It was everything ready a so we decided to take our time to film ChristMass Murder's opening.
We got the equipment needed to film, a camera and a tripod, and went to the locations set to film.
Each one of us and had different roles. I was in charge of props/locations/costumes and prepared everything. I made sure that everything was ready for the filming.
David acted as the victim and Santa Klaus giving some advices for the filming.
Tiziana directed deciding (with our help) which angles to use and what to film.
Vikramarum was the cameraman who filmed everything.

In not too much time we finished filming and now all we have to do is to edit and add sound, if there is some needed. All together we worked well and we're quite satisfied for what we filmed today.

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