Sunday, 5 October 2014

Editing Techniques

Match on action: 

It is a technique used when an action is cut and the scene moves to another camera angle showing the same action from the point you left in the previous shot. The easiest example to use is when a character is opening a door, you can see the character opening the door from behind and then the camera moves to the inside of the room and shows the character opening the door from another point.


It is a technique used when two shots are being alternated to show, for example, different characters speaking. This technique is usually used in conversation scenes. Usually the two characters, shown in the conversation, would exchange an object to make the shot smoother by filming a close up of the object used.

180 degree rule:

It is a very important editing technique to use in videos, films etc.  It refers to an imaginary line which cut through the middle of the scene, from side to side. While filming, the camera doesn't have to cross that line otherwise it would make the people watching the film feel confused and disoriented; to help it, before the use of this technique is suggested to establish the shot, basically to film the entire area (and all the characters in it) so it establish the positions of each object or character.

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