Monday, 20 October 2014

The Box (Poster's short analyisis)

  • 3 people
  • Small bag, just above the movie’s title
  • Black/dark background
  • Colour red
  •  Danger: connoted by the red colour that is usually used to represent blood and dangerous situation.
  • Secrets unwanted: from the facial expressions of the girl and the boy, we can understand that what’s going to happen will be something that these characters don’t want to happen.
  • Mystery: the man with the hat is holding a small bag. That bag is half darkened; it can mean that the bag is hiding inside some secrets and mysteries.
The signifiers we can find in this poster are: the man and woman with in the background and the man with the hat in the front. The 2 people in the background are shown with dark colours while the man with the hat is highlighted with the red line crossing him and with the no use of dark colours.  It signifies that the man with the hat has a quite important relevance in the movie but yet, we can understand the he’s not the main characters. The other two, despite being shown in dark colours, are highlighted by their “sizes”. They are bigger than the man with the hat and so, it signifies that they are the other important characters of the movie. The real main character is obviously the girl, because of her being the biggest in the poster. Another signifier is the small bag held by the man with the hat that added with the facial expressions of the 2 people in the background, it signifies that it is likely hiding a mystery or secret that those other two characters don’t want to be revealed.

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