Monday, 13 October 2014

Mise-en-scene elements

Facial Features and Expression
In my piece facial expressions could show emotion and feelings. In the thriller opening it could show that the victim Ross the karate teacher expression when he is being confronted by the Santa Clause killer. 
Body Shape and Language 
Body language gives impact in as it could show someone being confident, scared, etc. In my piece I would like to make the victim lying back at the wall scared. With this it could give a great impact in editing. 
Props can tell a lot from a person being good or bad with the items in the Santa Clause opening scene when he has the axe it can show who is the murderer.

The costumes as you can tell a lot from a person as red could show danger or passion. In our opening piece we could see that Santa Clause is wearing a red costume which could indicate danger. 

I Wrote this because as i was learning I wanted to explain why the mise en scene makes an impact

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