Friday, 21 November 2014

ChristMass Murder's characters

Santa Klaus - never speaks, always in full costume, has his own Christmas sound motif used whenever he kills a victim. 

Taylor Hart, 30, freelance journalist. Single, independent and determined. Keen to make it big and get her break. Career-focused.  

Mark Johnson, 38, camera-man. Secretly in love with Taylor. Available to her whenever she wants him. Hates being looked down on or treated badly. 

Police investigation team - 2 Head Officers - Cole Phelps, a hard working police officer willing to sacrifice himself to find out the mystery behind the murders. 

Nathan Drake - Also, a hard working police officer who likes to take charge and do investigations his way, even if it goes by police policy. 

Victims - Mike Chang,20,karate teacher who told Mark he was to bad to train under his wing. Jessica Green - Mark's old English teacher who always picked on him when he was in school. Ross Johnson,he bullied Mark during school days.

Taylor's family - Rose Hart, Taylor's mother. Matt Johnson, Taylor's father (dead prior to film). Jack Hart, Taylor's brother,worries Taylor is taking her job to serious and could end up dead.

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