Thursday, 20 November 2014

ChristMass Murder's target audience

After a long research on BBFC, the target audience for ChristMass Murder, in my opinion, should be 18+.
I also came to this conclusion after having made different researches such as looking at other films targeted 18+ such as Se7en and Saw that both contain an high amount violence. We plan to make this film with violence as strong as the films used as examples and after having checked the various targets definitions, the 18+ was the most appropriate. I was actually thinking that also a target 15 could be ok but after these researches I changed my mind given that film targeted 15 cannot dwell the infliction of pain and injury which something will likely happen in our film project.
18+ films can contain:
  •   very strong violence
  •   frequent strong language (e.g. 'f***') and / or very strong language (e.g. ‘c***’)
  •   strong portrayals of sexual activity
  •   scenes of sexual violence
  •   strong horror
  •   strong blood and gore
  •   real sex (in some circumstances)
  •   discriminatory language and behaviour

  • As stated by BBFC, which is what we (Impact Productions), had in mind while planning ChristMass Murder.

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