Friday, 7 November 2014

Se7en Reflections and Inspirations

Se7en by David Fincher (1995)

Se7en is a neo-noir thriller film often used by other films as inspiration.
Here there are my reflections after having watched the whole film:

  • The first thing that I noticed is the consistent use of low key colours which a typical convention of thriller films used to make the atmosphere even more intense;
  • Colour red was also used, like the red light we find in one of the killer's rooms, which is always a colour associated to thriller films just like dark colours. It made the whole film quite monochrome on the lighting and colours aspect, which made a bigger impact on the audience;
  • Another factor often used was the rain. During the film there hasn't been only one scene where it was raining, but more than one such as the chasing scene;
  • Tension music couldn't miss and this film has used a really tense soundtrack in the right moments, that depending on the scene, it would emphasise what was happening;
  • Foley sounds were also used in order to exaggerate the sound of something happening creating an atmosphere of suspense every time a foley sound was heard;
  • The narrative is quite typical of a thriller film, even because this film has been used as inspiration by others, and its story goes around two detectives that have just been paired up and are have different opinions which brings conflicts to their relationship;
  • Using a complex in a thriller film helps to define the plot which, in Se7en, is the 7 deadly sins and was well portrayed with the different crimes;
  • In the film, there was the presence of religion as one of the causes behind the killer's actions as he states that "he was chosen" added to the discovery of some religious objects in the killer's house. This is a cause that is often used in thriller films which I find to add something more interesting to story of films.

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