Thursday, 20 November 2014

Plot synopsis - ChristMass Murder

After discussing all together about what the film's should talk about we came to a decision and wrote the plot which is the following one:

Our thriller movie centers around a serial killer who dresses up as Santa Claus. At Christmas time, he kills his victims, one a day, in the run up to Christmas. He then puts their bodies in a sack under the Christmas tree as a 'present' for the victim's family to open on Christmas day. Just before he kills his victim, he always plays the same Christmas tune as his warning motif.

There have been 50 murders over the past two years and the top police investigation teams are now working on it, determined that the killer will not get away with it for a third year.
ChristMass Murder follows the story of Taylor Hart, 30, a female journalist who is desperately seeking her big scoop to make her career. She is an independent and determined woman and has been closely following the murders for the past two years. She wants to be the one to reveal the murderer and has a sneaky feeling she is very close to it! 
Taylor's close friend and camera-man, Mark Johnson, is also very interested in the case and desperate to help Taylor make her big break. He is always available, whenever she needs him!
PLOT SPOILER: Mark is the killer. He kills anyone who he feels treats him badly or looks down on him. He is in love with Taylor and almost willing to sacrifice himself in order for her to get what she wants and catch the killer!

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