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02:20 to 04:20


Setting and props: The props we can see in this movie show a lot about the history of the movie. For example, the presence of blood and of the picture showing a dead woman, can make the audience understand what the movie is going to be like. In the first minutes of the movie, we have the chance to see 2 different settings. One setting is the office and the other is a plane; it gives further details and adds clues to make the audience get into the movie, for example the fact of having two different settings with different people could mean that these people are not partners but likely enemies.

-Custom and hair: with the first person we see, we’re not able to clearly see his clothes which keep an atmosphere of mystery; we can only see him from behind wearing something like a white coat a gloves. In the following scenes, we move onto the two men on the plane, they are wearing classic clothes. They’re not wearing anything particular or colourful; it gives an idea of important or serious people, such as politicians or detectives.

-Facial expression and body language: with the first man we encounter, we can see him trying to remove blood from his glove but not with frantic movements, like if he’s not worried or is not in rush. We also have a close up of his eyes that don’t show any particular emotions other than indifference and seriousness. Moving onto the other two men, we have something more; the older man presents bored and annoyed facial expressions emphasised by a puff. The younger man, instead, shows serious and focused facial expressions as well as body language.

-Lighting and colour: the lighting used in this movie is not as dark as you expect from a thriller movie. It makes a contrast between the expectation that you have of a thriller movie and how actually the movie is represented. Thriller movie are known for using dark colours, but in this movie, this “stereotype” has been challenged by using bright colour despite being a thriller movie.

-Positioning of characters: in the few minutes we’ve watched, there isn’t much to say about the positioning of the characters. The only thing that caught my attention is that all the characters are sat down, none of them is standing up and it implies that every character is at the same level of importance.

Camera angles and positioning

Usually movies start with an extreme wide shot and it happens in this movie too. At the beginning of the movie, right toward the end of the opening titles, we have an extreme wide shot showing the main location of the movie. Then, we have a close up of gloves on which blood is falling followed by an extreme close-up of green eyes. In the following scenes, a high angle shot occurs showing the plane from outside helped with tracking as camera movement; once inside the plane, we have an extreme close-up of two characters. The remaining minutes of the clip, use bit high angle shots and bird’s eye shot to show the movements of the plane and to create the right atmosphere; in the middle of these shot, we go once more inside the plan with a two shot containing both the character and then another close-up.


Since the beginning of the opening titles until the end of the sequence I’m analysing, there a musical composition/soundtrack that accompanies the movie’s sequences; it could be both a theme sound because it is specifically used for the opening of the movie, and a parallel sound because it follow the happenings of the movie without being in contrast, since in the sequences analysed there are no particular actions but it’s slow and calm, the sound is slow and calm as well. The other first sound we can hear is the sound produced by the man who’s removing blood from the glove; this sound is a pleonastic sound which is still part of diegetic sound, since we can see the source of the sound, but it’s been exaggerated to create more impact as removing something from a glove usually doesn’t create such a big sound.

After that, the sound that comes in is the plane’s sound which in my opinion is a SFX sound. Different camera angles have been used to film the plane’s sequence and the its sound could be too strong or too light depending on the camera position, this why the sound has been created artificially and then added to the sequence in order to make it more appropriate. This sound occurs in each sequence that shows the plane. Following this sound a dialogue occurs between the two men sitting in plane, all of this still accompanied by the plane’s sound.


The first sequence presents a close up of the glove followed by another sequence showing the same happening from a different angle, the transition between these two sequences have been made with a simple cut. A close up showing green eyes follows and cross-cutting occurs cutting back and forth from the green eyes to the photographs held by the same character. After this the transition between different sequences keep being cross-cutting and a series of close ups are showed until an establishing shot of two characters while they’re having a conversation followed by shot-reverse-shot; for this sequence also the 180° rules has been used showing the two characters from the front, but suddenly the imaginary lines has been crossed and another establishing shot occurs to show the same two characters but from behind. Others close ups follow with cross-cutting used to move from a sequence to another.

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